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Since this was/is my first book…

26 Jan

Quick post — I first uploaded EyeLeash around June 2009. I think it took about one month to sell the first copy (Kindle edition @ $6.99 — at this time, the royalty rate was 35% to the author, and 65% to Amazon).


P.S. Also, EyeLeash: A Blog Novel hit #1 in ‘Kindle eBooks > Social Sciences > Popular Culture’ on Amazon.co.uk today. My first #1 in a category (I think!). Screenshot above.


UPDATE (8 Feb 2011): jessINK is live. I like to see everything organised by genre + price (lol).

I’ve enrolled EyeLeash for expanded print distribution via LSI. My proof has been accepted — am waiting for my proof copy to arrive in the mail now (fingers crossed).

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