In the story, the characters swap some “sexy pix” of themselves to each other (clothed and unclothed). I’m not including nude photos here — but am open to alternatives ;).

There’s a wonderful array of various interpretations of what Novan and Jade look like, from the artwork section.

Do you think you look like the characters? Have a photo you’d like to show off here? Submit yours!

* * *

1) Steven Mercado / United States


Jun 09: Steven Mercado is just out of high school and enjoying the summer. If you like his pictures, let him know, and he’ll post more.

* * *

2) Hannah Chloe Leona / 18, United States


Jun 09: Chloe Leona speaks rudimentary German and Japanese. She knows entirely way too much about nothing, and can and will talk about anything with anyone.

* * *

3) Brandon / 18, United States


Jun 09: Brandon has not been on deviantART in a while…but he might be back some day.

* * *

4) Beckii / United Kingdom


Jul 09: Beckii’s interests include film making, photography, acting, and modelling. Of her second photo, she says she’s “British and proud, and that these pants prove it.”


* * *

5) Natasha / 27, Serbia


Jul 09: Natasha-Bee — self-proclaimed genius. Her life is her favorite movie.

* * *

6) Oteo / United States


Oteo is a college student, and a songwriter on the side. He also BMX’s, skateboards and takes photos in his free time.

* * *

7) Nick Nguyen / Chicago, USA


Nick Nguyen (on the right) has been practicing a lot recently.

* * *

8) Regina Mandanas / Manila


Regina is a student who “likes anything and everything :D.”
She describes this picture as the perfect view of the tall Asian guy.

* * *

9) Mark / 19, Germany


Jul 09: Mark is a Nice Guy who takes Nice Self-Portraits.

* * *

10) Lost-Ties / 18, Michigan, USA


This is a street shot of a Tokyo blond, by Lost-Ties, who likes music, art, bears, tea, and dreadlocks.


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