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1 Jul

Sweet, I have an Amazon author page set up. I’ve also submitted the files for the Search Inside The Book feature.

For now, here’s an excerpt from EyeLeash: A Blog Novel. It’s part of the first IM chat that appears in the story.

Jade, if she were a rockstar

Jade (if she were a rockstar). Sketch done in 2004/2005.

Excerpt from EyeLeash [Page 10 + 11]

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Conversation started on [31 Jan 2006, 11:30PM]

[novan]: hey hey
¤Jade¤: helloo
¤Jade¤: haven’t seen u online in a while =)
[novan]: oh yea
[novan]: i’ve been busy with a friend’s band, lol
[novan]: so how u doin
¤Jade¤: i’m good. how abt u?
¤Jade¤: and wow cool ur in a band??
[novan]: been listening to the same song for hours… trying to get the tabs right
[novan]: yea!… we’re ‘the blah blah blahs’ (super creatively thought of by myself)
[novan]: every band names already being used, yknow
¤Jade¤: yeah, u should rest. ooh what’s the song!
¤Jade¤: what instrument do u play too?
[novan]: i play bass
[novan]: get on top // rhcp (chili peppers)
[novan]: know the song?
¤Jade¤: not really
¤Jade¤: got the mp3?
[novan]: sure

[novan] sends: “05 Get On Top.mp3”

¤Jade¤: so how’s this chili peppers song coming along
[novan]: well my fingers are killing me…
[novan]: and the song on repeat is insane
[novan]: but i shld be all gd in a bit :)
¤Jade¤: hey when did u learn to play bass?
[novan]: hmm
[novan]: 15?
[novan]: music was a rebellion
¤-Jade-¤: ooh, how so
[novan]: my ’rents are always busy makin money
[novan]: thats the most important thing for them… cash, cash, cash
[novan]: i don’t wanna be like that
¤-Jade-¤: well that’s good
¤-Jade-¤: that you’re not like that =)
[novan]: yea
[novan]: lol
[novan]: still remember how it started
[novan]: with sid vicious… he’s the bass player for sex pistols
¤Jade¤: sex pistols?
[novan]: yea a REAL punk band from the 70s… i saw sid & was like ‘damn, i have to play bass’
¤Jade¤: LOL
[novan]: google his picture
¤Jade¤: ok
¤Jade¤: i think bass players are cool :P
[novan]: :) *nods in agreement*
¤Jade¤: how’s it like?
[novan]: we keep the rhythm, with the drums
[novan]: if we make a mistake… u’ll hear it right away
[novan]: and we’ve less antics than say, *cough* the lead guitarist *cough*
¤Jade¤: LOL
[novan]: bassists are very good with their fingers
[novan]: and some of us sing backup vocals, so that means we’re good with our mouths too…
¤Jade¤: awesome *that goes for your last sentence too ;)*
[novan]: haha :P
¤Jade¤: oh my i’m looking at some pix of sid vicious
¤Jade¤: he’s SO bangable
[novan]: ROFL. it’s too bad a preppy punk poseur of our day compared herself to sid in a SellOut Magazine interview.

**You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Received Files\Red Hot Chili Peppers – Get On Top.mp3 from [novan].**

[end of excerpt].


Sex in YA Novels, YA Fiction

4 Jun

Some people will say that the content of EyeLeash makes it an adult novel, and not young adult.

I could have toned down some parts, if I wanted to. But the female protagonist explores her thoughts, feelings, fears, doubts, anxiety, via the safety of her private journal. If she did censor herself, she would be disrupting her journey of self-discovery (a process which doesn’t occur overnight)! I don’t think the compromise would have been fair to her.

I think a person can decide for his/herself, whether or not they’d want to spend time with something (whether it’s a book, or music, or a film, etc)…which is probably why I left the material as it stands.

It is mainly for authenticity’s sake.

And personally, I think it’s better to be controversial for the right reasons, than be popular for the wrong reasons.

Blog Fiction

3 Jun

Some “background information” about this project of mine.

EyeLeash: A Blog Fiction Novel

Started gathering material/researching/living the content (it’s semi-autobiographical): Mid-2005

Started writing novel: January 2007

Completed novel: September 2007

Got the interest of an editor (Flux Imprint/Llewellyn): January 2008

Discussed with editor: 6 months (snippets of editorial discussions available in my free eBook, Porcelain).

Outcome with editor: Editor leaves for another publishing house, and I have to start all over.

Got the interest of another editor (Sourcebooks): October 2008

Outcome: Never heard back from editor, or agent who submitted the material.

Total number of rejections from agents/editors/publishers: 500+ (possibly 700, I have lost count).

Reason for my persistence: I believe EyeLeash tells a good story that rings true at the end of the day. I think it’s a waste to toss this away into the dark recesses of a cabinet just because it’s difficult to break into the publishing industry with this innovative, experimental, unconventional piece of work. I believe I utilized the blog and IM formats for this book for pure storytelling purposes — it isn’t a gimmick to make the novel more “hip” or “relevant”. The story just IS the way that it is; I refuse to accept that all my hard work has been for nothing :)

Who I am: Of all the names I have/have had, I like “Jess” best. I read, write, love, and live, and plunge myself whole-heartedly into experiences. I’ve a short bio on my main website. Porcelain is my writing portfolio, which offers a glimpse into my writing voice+style+structure. If you want to follow my random howabouts, I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and these other places.

Thanks for reading.

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