Here are some details on the two lead characters in EyeLeash.

* * *

1) Jade Ashton [the cyber-stalker]


Miss Jade Ashton / sketch by Jess C Scott

[Quick Stats]

Birthday: 17 Sept 1988
Eye Color: Hazel-Green
Ethnicity: Mixed
Fav Music: Anything energizing / that can be danced to
Fav Brand(s): BCBG Girls, Naughty Monkey, Miss Sixty, etc.
Ambition: Fashion Designer
Interests: Over-thinking, over-analyzing, figuring things out, shopping (the latter balances the cerebral overload)
Result for ‘What Color Are You Quiz’: Pink
Songs on her music player:

Memorable Quotes:

“My head’ll explode if I continue with this escapism.”

2) Novan Chang [the hot bassist]

funky hair

Funky Hair / sketch by Jess C Scott

[Quick Stats]

Birthday: 24 Feb 1988
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Asian (+ a little bit of French)
Fav Music: Rock / Classical / Whatever sounds good
Fav Brand(s): Levi’s / Chucks
Ambition: Rockstar
Interests: Music, writing poems, keeping it real
Result for ‘What Color Are You Quiz’: Black
Songs on his music player:

Memorable Quotes:

“Bassists are very good with their fingers — and some of us sing backup vocals, so that means we’re good with our mouths too…”

* * *

3) SL Screenshots

In the book, Jade Ashton checks out (a fictitious site parallel to the 3D virtual world — so here are some screenshots of what the characters would look like, virtually.

P.S. Click on the images to view the full album on flickr.

a) Jade – SL Screenshots


hot wheelsjadeashton_metal

Jade - SL Screenshots

b) Novan – SL Screenshots


white shirtnovanchang_couch

Novan - SL Screenshots


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