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Sex in YA Novels, YA Fiction

4 Jun

Some people will say that the content of EyeLeash makes it an adult novel, and not young adult.

I could have toned down some parts, if I wanted to. But the female protagonist explores her thoughts, feelings, fears, doubts, anxiety, via the safety of her private journal. If she did censor herself, she would be disrupting her journey of self-discovery (a process which doesn’t occur overnight)! I don’t think the compromise would have been fair to her.

I think a person can decide for his/herself, whether or not they’d want to spend time with something (whether it’s a book, or music, or a film, etc)…which is probably why I left the material as it stands.

It is mainly for authenticity’s sake.

And personally, I think it’s better to be controversial for the right reasons, than be popular for the wrong reasons.

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