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IM chat, blog novel excerpt

1 Jul

Sweet, I have an Amazon author page set up. I’ve also submitted the files for the Search Inside The Book feature.

For now, here’s an excerpt from EyeLeash: A Blog Novel. It’s part of the first IM chat that appears in the story.

Jade, if she were a rockstar

Jade (if she were a rockstar). Sketch done in 2004/2005.

Excerpt from EyeLeash [Page 10 + 11]

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Conversation started on [31 Jan 2006, 11:30PM]

[novan]: hey hey
¤Jade¤: helloo
¤Jade¤: haven’t seen u online in a while =)
[novan]: oh yea
[novan]: i’ve been busy with a friend’s band, lol
[novan]: so how u doin
¤Jade¤: i’m good. how abt u?
¤Jade¤: and wow cool ur in a band??
[novan]: been listening to the same song for hours… trying to get the tabs right
[novan]: yea!… we’re ‘the blah blah blahs’ (super creatively thought of by myself)
[novan]: every band names already being used, yknow
¤Jade¤: yeah, u should rest. ooh what’s the song!
¤Jade¤: what instrument do u play too?
[novan]: i play bass
[novan]: get on top // rhcp (chili peppers)
[novan]: know the song?
¤Jade¤: not really
¤Jade¤: got the mp3?
[novan]: sure

[novan] sends: “05 Get On Top.mp3”

¤Jade¤: so how’s this chili peppers song coming along
[novan]: well my fingers are killing me…
[novan]: and the song on repeat is insane
[novan]: but i shld be all gd in a bit :)
¤Jade¤: hey when did u learn to play bass?
[novan]: hmm
[novan]: 15?
[novan]: music was a rebellion
¤-Jade-¤: ooh, how so
[novan]: my ’rents are always busy makin money
[novan]: thats the most important thing for them… cash, cash, cash
[novan]: i don’t wanna be like that
¤-Jade-¤: well that’s good
¤-Jade-¤: that you’re not like that =)
[novan]: yea
[novan]: lol
[novan]: still remember how it started
[novan]: with sid vicious… he’s the bass player for sex pistols
¤Jade¤: sex pistols?
[novan]: yea a REAL punk band from the 70s… i saw sid & was like ‘damn, i have to play bass’
¤Jade¤: LOL
[novan]: google his picture
¤Jade¤: ok
¤Jade¤: i think bass players are cool :P
[novan]: :) *nods in agreement*
¤Jade¤: how’s it like?
[novan]: we keep the rhythm, with the drums
[novan]: if we make a mistake… u’ll hear it right away
[novan]: and we’ve less antics than say, *cough* the lead guitarist *cough*
¤Jade¤: LOL
[novan]: bassists are very good with their fingers
[novan]: and some of us sing backup vocals, so that means we’re good with our mouths too…
¤Jade¤: awesome *that goes for your last sentence too ;)*
[novan]: haha :P
¤Jade¤: oh my i’m looking at some pix of sid vicious
¤Jade¤: he’s SO bangable
[novan]: ROFL. it’s too bad a preppy punk poseur of our day compared herself to sid in a SellOut Magazine interview.

**You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Received Files\Red Hot Chili Peppers – Get On Top.mp3 from [novan].**

[end of excerpt].

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