The cover art for EyeLeash features a sketch I did in 2004 or 2005 (inspired by an Anna Sui ad).

* * *

Here’s some great artwork of the two lead characters in the book! “Scenes” and concept art relative to EyeLeash are included. I didn’t want this place to be full of my drawings only (variety is good).

1) Jade & Novan: THE GIG — by Kodamka / 19, Poland

Jade and Novan: THE GIG

Description (text from blog novel describing the scene):

Suddenly I realized it was Novan. I wouldn’t know if my jaw literally dropped to the floor…my mind was blank, except for three words – He’s so HAWT.

Artist Bio: Kodamka’s favorite style of art is combination of manga and semi-realism. Her favorite genres of music include punk, post-grunge, J-Pop, Disney Soundtracks, alternative, and euro beat!

* * *

2) Jade & Novan, Chibi Style — by Zapphy / 17, Indonesia


Description (artist’s note): They’re like, “maybe together”…but not together yet ;)

Artist Bio: Zapphy is an anime artist from Indonesia. She identifies herself as simply being a girl who loves to draw. Her favorite bands include AVA, Keane, Coldplay, MCR, FOB, Sum41, Paramore, & The Killers.

* * *

3) Bass — by Caleb / 18, USA


Novan’s black and white bass.

Artist Bio: Caleb is a big fan of project 86. His two favorite musicians are Victor Wooten and Carter Beauford.

* * *

4) Natural Sin — concept art by Ivy Autumn / United States


Description: This is about sex, love, freedom, and living in your sexuality, instead of being afraid of it.

I was flipping through my health book, studying, and happened to come across the chapter on sex. Or rather, on abstinence.
The ENTIRE nearly 150 PAGE chapter was basically this:
This is how a girl gets knocked up [insert diagram]
now don’t have sex until you’re married.
With NO info AT ALL on contraception of any kind. And they’re wondering why teen pregnancy rates are going up. They might as well face the facts: Teens are going to have sex. If you teach them how to do it safely, and give them access to what they need, then – HEY – less 15 year old mothers. BUT if you continue doing what you are now…well, gee…
Brilliant people, those textbook writers.

Artist Bio: Ivy Autumn thinks that any “diet” that sends you all your food in the mail is highly suspect. But that’s just her.

* * *

5) Novan’s favorite shoe — by Jess C Scott / 22


Title is self-explanatory ^^… Jess.

* * *

6) Jade Thinks — by Jac Tee / 23, Singapore


Description (artist’s note): i did a sketch of jade…she’s supposed to be in front of a laptop and she’s just thinking of the phrase that novan wrote in his blog…she’s supposed to be feeling like……*sigh*…*what’s happening*…a bit confused…a bit irritated……it was inspired by the phrase novan wrote on 9th Aug 2006!…i actually enjoy reading the parts of novan’s blog…his songs and poems…very deep…i hope you don’t mind me using one of the phrases for the sketch…… (not at all — Jess.)

Artist Bio: Jac Tee likes people watching, dogs, prints, Simple Plan, SUM 41, Falloutboy, Franz Ferdinand, The Used, sketching, Mythbusters, LOTR, olive green, bloody black, soya milk, daydreaming, sitcoms, nature, and the starry night sky.

* * *

7) EyeLeash Concept — by Jeans W. / Singapore


Pic Description: “There are no humans in this picture, just the hand. This is my concept art and take on the title of the book, a person’s growth that’s stunted because their eyes are shutting out the important things in life.”

Artist Bio: Jeans W. would like to maintain her anonymity for now. There’ll be a link to her website/blog once she has (a new) one.


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  1. filmy July 12, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

    I like this post. Your blog is fantastic. Waiting for more!


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