10 Facts About “EyeLeash: A Blog Novel”

5 May

Some gathered, personal tidbits on the book ;) I’ve included snippets from EyeLeash, to go along with some of the facts.

Fact #1: Page 182 mentions the true story/scandal, of a cheerleader/student who lost her phone (Google keywords: “Singapore NYP Tammy”). It was just one of my ways of keeping up with the times…

NYP clip
Sunday, July 2, 2006 – 1.24pm

*updated via Mobile Device

Overheard someone on the train talking to her friend: “What’s wrong with teens today? They’ve no morals, and they care for nothing!”
What an ageist question. Every generation will have something “wrong” about it.

Update – 10.24pm

There’s a big hoo-ha because of a 15-yr old cheerleader from NewYoungParents High School, Tannie, whose cell phone got stolen.
There was a 10-minute sex romp of her and her boyfriend on the phone. BIG DEAL.

~ excerpt from EyeLeash, Pg 182 (print copy)

Fact #2: I got the title, EyeLeash, from playing anagrams. I was shifting around the letters of a guyfriend’s name. I’d accidentally left out one letter from the name — and had the word staring right back at me.

Fact #3: The worst thing about writing EyeLeash were the timestamps (per blog post and IM chat), and the formatting. Each date/timestamp is in font size 10; each blog post title had to be bolded and underlined manually. Editing the manuscript was very tedious.

Fact #4: The best part about writing this particular blog novel, was the blend of fact and fiction. I know which parts exactly, are true and/or false (or a mix of both) — I still smile now and then when I spot an “inside joke” (even if I’m the only one who knows about it!).

Fact #5: The first page (which is an e-mail) has a deliberate typo error (which no one has pointed out to me…yet).

Fact #6: Novan’s hair gel/hair wax is inspired by the Tigi range. Those products smell good enough to eat. The brand of hair wax in the book is FastFixx. Yeah, I like playing around with names a lot. Jade’s perfume is real (Anna Sui’s Secret Wish).

Fact #7: Pages 226 & 227 are real IM chat convos I have had with people (on what someone said while playing “truth or dare”, and the purpose of “good-looking guys”).

-lia-: good looking men are there for just one reason.
-lia-: they’re good to look at.
-lia-: they’re just objects.

~ excerpt from EyeLeash, Pg 226 (print copy)

Fact #8: Pg 269 (about the song-writing competition) was inspired by a poetry competition. Though I didn’t win, that poem remains one of my personal favorites. It’s a poem about city life, entitled Slates of Grey.

Fact #9: EyeLeash is a project that’s been 4 years in the making. This includes the initial drafts, discussions with an interested editor, and everything else up to the actual publication date (24 June 2009). I might show excerpts of the (laughable, cringe-worthy) first draft, on a random day in future…

Fact #10: The first cover’s design was of a girl’s profile, but I wanted something more artistic-looking, so I dug up one of my old drawings (a sketch from 2004). The present cover you see on the sidebar, is the second cover.


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