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2 May

11 May 2013: I’m very busy with various new writing projects — whatever I’ve wanted to say are in the links (and blog posts) below :P

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:: EyeLeash Blog Tour ::

May 13 — Review @ Hot Gossip Hot Reviews

“It is an authentic, original and raw look at a seventeen year old’s life, via the blog. Throw out rules of grammar / Throw out textbooks / Add realistic dialogue / Add crisp, unforgettable characters…EyeLeash is a spellbinding dive into the teenager mind with a fresh style of writing — blog style.”

Aug 09 — Review + Interview @ Opinionated? Me?

“When I first heard of a “blog fiction” novel, I immediately thought it would be another IM fluffy rom-com, like TTYL by Lauren Myracle. But [Ms. Scott captures] perfectly the John Hughes-like angst every teenager goes through like any real teenager would — through the internet.”

Aug 09 — Review by unlikelyaristotle

“…Jade is not infuriatingly self-deprecating the way Bella Swan (main character from Twilight) is, among many other differences. She’s got confidence, and it’s refreshing to read a book about a girl who actually thinks she’s got a good body. I think that’s so important.”

July 18 — Review @ Joseph Grinton
Aug 11 — Interview + Honorable Mention @ LA FEMME READERS
Aug 11 — Review + Interview @ From the Heart
Aug 15 — Blog Fiction Discussion @ The Book Scout
Aug 22 — Interview + Guest Post @ Beth’s Book Review Blog
Aug 24 — Interview @ Author Exchange Blog
Aug 25 — Interview + Guest Blogversary Post @ The Electrical Book Cafe
Aug 27 — Interview @ A Journey of Books
Sept 05 — Interview @ A Flight of Minds
Sept 08 — Interview @ Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf
Sept 14 — Books By Their Cover (the INSANE interview)
Sept 19 — Review @ Falling Off The Shelf
Sept 22 — Interview @ AMWC
Sept 26 — Interview @
Nov 12 — Review @ That Chick That Reads
Jan 10 — Review @ Everything To Do With Books

“What I got from this book was that it’s basically about self-discovery and it was really interesting. I liked watching both Jade and Novan transform into better people so to speak…I wondered what [the name EyeLeash] meant and the cool thing is I found out and that was just really really cool.”

Feb 04 — Interview @ Shelagh Watkins | Literature & Fiction
Feb 19 — Review + Interview @ J. Timothy King’s Blog
May 7 — Interview @ Fallen Angel Reviews
May 18 — Interview @ The Indie Spotlight
May 31 — Review @ LINDEA / “Free Your Inner Stalker”
June 12 — Review @ KindleObsessed
Sept 18 — Review + Interview @ The Phantom Paragrapher

* Part of this tour was hosted by the very cool Traveling to Teens.

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:: Promo Postcards ::

EyeLeash postcards are were up for grabs at The Electrical Book Cafe, and A Flight of Minds!


From left to right (clockwise): Jade Ashton / EyeLeash Book Cover Art / Novan Chang / Jade & Novan (romantic snapshot). These are also available at S.t.u.f.f, my online store.


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